Monthly Archives: December 2017

Progress Report: November

  • Moved all configurations for languages from code to editable text files. This allows for user generated additional languages.
  • Created options menu.
  • Implemented automatic saving and loading of options. Settings (like language) are now preserved in between game sessions.
  • Overhauled all menus so they work better with different aspect ratio and resolutions.
  • Added ability to save and load games at sea as well as in ports.
  • Added ability to delete save games in save game menu.
  • Added error handling for cases where save games can’t be read or written.
Save game menu
Save game file

Progress Report: October

  • Wrote system to import sprites from disk instead of Unity asset bundles. This will be needed allow users to mod graphics themselves. Import settings are defined via *.xml files.
  • Added ability to swap out sprites sheets at run time. This will be needed for graphical mods.
  • Added some more test graphics to test swapping of character sprites.
  • Created system to read/write save games. Currently, only metadata is being saved (save game name, save game time).
  • Created save game menu to graphically load/save games.
  • Created start menu.
  • Created pause menu.
  • Internationalized all menus to further test current internationalization system.
Sprite sheet including import configuration

Progress Report: September

  • Added prototype of ingame console to make debugging/testing easier.
  • Added some console commands, e.g. to freeze time or to switch language.
  • Game controls get locked when opening console.
  • Improvements to localization system.
  • Date/Time system now also works in ports and current time isn’t reset when switching between sea/ports. Time of Day displayed in ports.
Ingame console in empty scene

Progress Report: August

  • Set up development environment (issue tracker, code repository, wiki, etc.)
  • Created first test tile sets and sprite sheets.
  • Created first test tile maps and imported them into Unity. Details like Map transitions (e.g. doors) are read from tile map data and maps get linked within engine upon import.
  • Added test human character and ship (both animated) that can walk/sail around map and interact with objects (entering doors and ports). Characters are able to switch Map.
  • Implemented first draft of localization system.
  • Added date/time system: Time is now passing on world map, date is shown in GUI.