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Progress Report: December

With me changing jobs and some family visits over the holidays, there hasn’t been going on too much, unfortunately. But even though there’s not much to present visually, I still got a few things done:

  • Upgraded my tools (Issue tracker, Wiki, IDE, etc.), which will hopefully make me a little bit more productive overall.
  • Got in contact with a composer and started working out a future collaboration for this game.
  • Made handling of configurable game data (port names, trading goods, ship stats, etc.)* more generic so they can all be saved/loaded in the same way.
  • Where possible, paths are now no longer hard coded into the game but read in from a file. This aims to make development and modding more flexible.
  • Cleaned up my code, including some long overdue general refactorings, creating cleaner and more versatile ways of accessing game data (information about ports/ships/trading goods/equipment/etc.)* from within my code and restructuring Unity objects to better align and work with my code representation.
  • Work on localization editor: Added sanity check to prevent users from defining the value of a localization key more than once for any given language.
  • Started studying the basics of storytelling (shout out to my sister for the great book she surprised me with!). As I envision the game right now, it clearly will more be on the “player driven story” side. But at the end of the day, I will need (and want) a story and I feel like it can’t hurt learning more about storytelling rather sooner than later.
  • Ate way too much cookies, chocolate and delicious meals.
  • Played loads of Super Mario Odyssey.
Paths are now configured in an external file

* Most of those kinds of data don’t exist yet.