Monthly Archives: February 2018

Progress Report: January 2018

January was mainly spent working on data structures representing the state of the game world and writing editors to more easily edit and validate this data.

  • Created data structures for defining trade goods.
  • Extended port data structure to set trade good prices per port.
  • Created a generic game world data editor that can be easily extended to support editing of specific data types (ports, trade goods,  etc.) to not have to write a new editor from scratch every time I add a new type of game data.
  • Created editors for editing lists of trade goods, ports and local trade good prices for ports (editor for ports not 100% done yet).
  • Continued studying story telling.
Trade good list editor
Port editor with local trade good prices
It’s always nice when things are coming together: When adding a trade good to a port, available trade goods are directly read from the list edited in the trade good editor

Current problems:

When working on serializing port data, I experienced some limitation of the native Unity serialization system I had to work around. If game data gets much more complex, I might have to use a third party solution for serialization which would mean rewriting quite a bit of code. I hope it won’t come to this, though.

Initially, I went for the inbuilt serialization system because, in my experience, most of the time you have the least amount of work and problems when going with a native solution. Turns out, this might unfortunately not be the case this time around.