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Progress Report: March 2018

  • Added simple player inventory. This allows for the player to have gold in his possession.
  • Added simple ship hold. Allows for storing of bought trade goods.
  • Finished first draft of merchant menu. Trade goods can now be bought and sold and will be stored in ship hold.
  • Added system so different parts of the game can lock input so other parts of the game won’t receive input anymore until the lock is released. Thanks to this, a few bugs, like the player still being able to walk while the pause menu was open, have been resolved.
  • More game data can now be configured directly in tile maps and will correctly be imported into Unity
Trade window

Here’s what a save game roughly looks like at the moment:

Although it’s stillĀ  a very small file, it’s always motivating to see the amount of data grow.
Slow and steady wins the race!