Monthly Archives: February 2019

Progress Report: February 2019

  • Moved all my in-house hosted tools (code repository, issue tracker, wiki) into the cloud. As is the case with a lot of things in IT, what initially seemed like a simple task, got quickly out of hand. Everything that could go wrong (and some more things..), went wrong and what I estimated to be done in 6-8 hours ended up being close to 30.
    I’m still glad, I did it, though. It was just a question of when and not if my home server failed. And when that moment would have come, it would have taken even more time to recover the data and set everything up again, let alone the cost of getting new hardware.
    One thing less which causes a latent and constant feeling of impending doom 😉
  • I started learning about shaders. This admittedly didn’t have the highest priority for the project but I felt a bit frustrated after the whole “move to the cloud” thing and sometimes you got to reward yourself 🙂
    Here’s the result of trying to create some kind of water reflection effect for the naval battles:
  • Figured out how to implement some UI related things.