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Progress Report: March 2019

Originally, I wanted add some more gameplay related content. However, as I was working on it, I realized that I would make more sense to first rework the save system as well as some stuff concerning persisting data across different scenes.

Here’s a shot breakdown of what I roughly did in the end:

  • Lots of changes concerning how games are being saved/loaded and how the game state is kept between different scenes (ongoing).
  • Since Google also considers the page loading speed when ranking search results, my CESMAPRM (Chief Executive Social Media And Public Relationship Manager , also known as “I”) optimized this blog which, before the optimizations, sometimes took forever to load.
    For those loving numbers as much as I do, here are some. According to, I managed to:

    • Increase the Google PageSpeed Score from F(49%) to A(96%)
    • Increase the YSlow Score from D(63%) to B(86%)
    • Reduce the full load time from 4.4s to 1.3s
    • Reduced the page size from 2.95MB to 1.62MB
    • Reduced the HTTP requests from 73 to 27
    • Lose half a day of work
    • Learn more about WordPress than I ever wanted to
  • Created a makeshift title screen
  • Replaced the old text system with a new one to get clearer texts without having to tinker with every text to get it looking nice and sharp:

    It’s easy to see which parts of the text in this menu are already using the new text system and are a lot sharper.
  • Created some simple AI ships for the world map. Ships spawn randomly in close proximity to the player, sail to and then enter a port. Here’s a short video demonstrating this: