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Progress Report: April 2019


This are the things I got done in April:

  • Finished savegame/loading refactoring (at leastf or now 😉 )
  • Thanks to the revised save system, I was now able to easily add some more things that get persisted in a save game and thus won’t be lost anymore when you switch between maps or load a save game:
    • Direction player character faces
    • Direction player ship faces
    • NPC ships on overworld map
    • Damage taken during ship fights.
  • Added a game over screen
  • Game now pausing overworld when opening the menu
  • The blog now runs with https, which will hopefully further improve the search ranking.
  • Fixed various bugs (walking animation bug,  ships sometimes vanishing just after spawning, etc.)
  • NPC ships can now be attacked in overworld
  • Made a big update for the NavMesh2DSurfaceBaker. This wasn’t needed for DotS but someone using the 2DSurfaceBaker asked for some new features. I’m happy something I made is useful to someone and wanted to support them as good as I can. Just listing this here since it took the whole Easter weekend and I want to give you an overview, where all my personal coding time went . Hopefully, this will also pay off for DotS in the future 🙂
  • Defeating an NPC ship now nets you some loot and allows you to return back to the map

Over all, I’m quite happy with the results. Since the player now can attack the spawning ships and gain some loot, we’ve finally got something resembling a small gameplay loop.
A thing I’ve long been waiting for and felt like I was “almost there!” for about a year now…