Monthly Archives: May 2019

Progress Report: May 2019

  • Most important: I might get some help in the near future, which I believe would benefit my project greatly and also make working on it more fun; it’s nice to be able to share a passion project 🙂
  • Spent quite some time on soundtrack related stuff. It’s not yet the right time to share anything, though.
  • Updated some menus and made other small graphical changes to test out stuff like reflections in real battle scenes.
    Although graphics aren’t important yet, there’s still a need to test some things out from a technical perspective to see if and how they could be implemented.
  • Internal restructuring so scenes now can detect if they were directly started from the editor or loaded from another scene or save game. This is needed for components to know if and what initialization data they should load (e.g. player position).
  • Added the shipyard which allows for repairing ships. Finally, we have a very small but 100% gameplay loop of “Fighting ships -> win -> receive gold -> go to port to repair ship -> rinse and repeat”!