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Progress Report: September 2019

As announced in the last update, there’s nothing new this month I can present. But since it’s been quite a while since the last video, I recorded a short play session to show how everything is fitting together so far:

The video chronologically demonstrates the following:

  • Attacking an enemy ship
  • Player taking damaged, which is visually reflected in the ship graphics
  • Defeating enemy ship, winning gold
  • Sailing to port
  • Repairing ship with gold the player just earned
  • Buying and selling some items at the trader
  • Going out at seat again, attacking another ship (player ship graphics now are back to “pristine” since the ship has been repaired) and defeating said ship
  • Spawn lots of ships, pressing the interaction button -> menu pops up that let’s player chose preferred action

Other News

I already finished my other project, which means I’m back at Devils of the Sea again!

I always wondered, how emulators were made/what they exactly had to do to get games running.
So, I decided to develop a prototype of a CHIP-8 emulator for Unity.

The project was super interesting and I learned a ton! Anyone can check out (pun intended) the source code over at GitHub.
But be aware that it’s just a quick proof of concept and there’s not much code quality to speak of. Please don’t take this as an example how things should be done.

Progress Report: August 2019

Break Time

As expected, there’s not much to show for August. Some bugs were fixed, some stuff was changed to make use of new Unity features and most of my time was spent on game design.
The rest of this blog post will probably be unusually personal but hey, it’s my blog and after all I’d like it to be authentic and for me, that also means to be open about it if the project hits a speed bump for whatever reason.
There most likely won’t be too much to show in the near future neither since the design phase for duels will still last for quite a while. Further, I’m currently also working on another project which will probably take up most of my time for a month or two.
I’m aware that working on something else will have a negative impact on DotS development short term.
But long term, I also believe that the project will immensely benefit from me working on it with as much passion as possible.
I’ve been working on it for quite a long time without any real breaks. Believe it or not, it’s been already more than two years since I’ve set sail!
For the first time since I embarked on this adventure, I feel a little tired and there’s this other project that really captures my interest and fascinates me and which I really want to play around with! It’s this kind of excitement that results in having problems falling asleep because you just can’t stop thinking about it and lie there with a grin and can’t wait for morning to come so you can continue working on it! 🙂
It would just feel wrong not to pursue this!
I promise it won’t take too long (I know, that’s the case with every project but this time, that will really be the case (like in every project)!)
I’m sure working on something else will be a great breath of fresh air which will invigorate and allow me to come back to this project with a lot of new-found energy and ideas!