Progress Report: September 2019

As announced in the last update, there’s nothing new this month I can present. But since it’s been quite a while since the last video, I recorded a short play session to show how everything is fitting together so far:

The video chronologically demonstrates the following:

  • Attacking an enemy ship
  • Player taking damaged, which is visually reflected in the ship graphics
  • Defeating enemy ship, winning gold
  • Sailing to port
  • Repairing ship with gold the player just earned
  • Buying and selling some items at the trader
  • Going out at seat again, attacking another ship (player ship graphics now are back to “pristine” since the ship has been repaired) and defeating said ship
  • Spawn lots of ships, pressing the interaction button -> menu pops up that let’s player chose preferred action

Other News

I already finished my other project, which means I’m back at Devils of the Sea again!

I always wondered, how emulators were made/what they exactly had to do to get games running.
So, I decided to develop a prototype of a CHIP-8 emulator for Unity.

The project was super interesting and I learned a ton! Anyone can check out (pun intended) the source code over at GitHub.
But be aware that it’s just a quick proof of concept and there’s not much code quality to speak of. Please don’t take this as an example how things should be done.

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