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It’s alive! It’s alive!


At long last, I can happily present the first version of the ship-to-ship combat AI!
It’s really simple, for instance it’s trying to aim at the center of the enemy ship, while often aiming a bit more towards the bow would make more sense.
But for a concept of proof, I’m more than happy with it!

Here’s a short video demonstrating the AI. The black ship is controlled by me, the yellow one by the AI:

Progress Report: November 2018

One of my next goals is, to implement a simple naval combat AI to finally have something playable. I feel, this should have happened way sooner. Sure, you can sail around a map, enter ports, buy some things, etc. but that doesn’t feel like a game (no matter, how rough).

An AI deciding “I should catch up to the other ship!” or “The ship is in bad shape, I should flee!” is no good, if it doesn’t know how to catch up/flee/etc.
That’s why I’m currently working on some simple movement patterns.

Progress Report: August 2018

During August, I mainly worked on ship-to-ship combat.

Here’s a short video demonstrating the currently implemented features, namely:

  • Wind direction (black arrow) affecting ship speed.
  • Detection if enemy ship is within cannon range.
  • Shooting of cannons.
  • Reload time for cannons.
  • Health model for ships with different graphics reflecting current condition the ship is in.
  • Various (placeholder) graphical effects:
    • Smoke from cannons being fired.
    • Cannonball trails.
    • Explosion when a cannonball hit a ship.
    • Water splashes when a cannonball crashes into the ocean.